Announcing New Custom Suit: The Cambridge

A custom suit is almost a rite of passage. In previous eras, it was the mark of maturing and reaching adulthood. A rite of passage.

It's our goal to make every man that walks through our doors feel empowered by the clothing he wears. We know it's difficult to find clothing that fits, much less to find a garment that feels like it was made for your body. And to find a suit at an approachable price without forfeiting quality is unheard of.

That's why we're excited to announce our newest custom suit.

The Cambridge Custom Suit

With our newest custom made suit, it was our goal to create something specifically for budget-minded wardrobe building. Starting at $695, The Cambridge suit is a very approachable and affordable suit, much less that it's made solely and specifically for your body. 

In creating The Cambridge, we searched thousands of fabrics to find one that didn’t compromise quality for cost. In choosing the Super 100s fabric for The Cambridge, we opted for the best wool grade and loomed construction to bring you the best valued cloth.


Designing a custom suit

Our process to design your custom suit is extremely straightforward. Once you schedule an appointment, you'll meet with one of our tailors to design the perfect suit over coffee or bourbon.  We'll take your measurements, and have you return five weeks later for your final fitting. 

Finding a tailor you trust can seem impossible. You need to know their fashion sense and eye for design aligns with yours, all without being up-charged or scammed into a suit that's out of your price range. With over thirty years in the clothing business, our tailors can find exactly the fabric, style, and price range that fits your needs. 

We'd love to help you get started with The Cambridge! Schedule an appointment or come by the shop to get started.