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When ordering a custom suit from Loring & Co here at Stitch-It, there are a lot of choices to make: collar, buttons, pattern, and cuffs. These small nuances are what can make the shirt or suit your own. With 26 different collar styles and 30 different cuff styles, the combinations are practically endless.

You can select standard cuffs, double-button, mitre, french cuff, formal cuffs, you name it! French cuffs allow for even more personalization with each wear. Cufflinks it seems, can be tricky to pick out. It can be a challenge to determine if your cufflinks are professional enough, appropriate for the occasion, or even in-style.

Here are some hints to keep you on the right track:

1) Keep it classic. Would your grandfather wear these cufflinks? Would your son? The answer to both should be YES! Keep your cufflinks timeless so that you don’t find yourself cleaning house and searching for new ones every few years.

2) Flashy is not better. Cufflinks can show your personality, even your interests. A word of caution, though: Stay away from logos and branded accessories or cheap materials. Are you a pilot or aircraft enthusiast? Art-deco airplane cufflinks in gold or silver could fit you perfectly.

3) Steer clear of cheap souvenir shops! Cufflinks can be sourced from plenty of great places. Check your favorite local men’s store. Dig through your father or grandfather’s old collection that he no longer wants or wears. One of the most fun places to look is an antique store. Again, keep it classic and find something that fits you!