Cobbler Union Birthday

happy birthday boy
happy birthday cake
blow out candles
custom brown brogue shoes
cobbler union box

Last week was our celebration week for our friend and Loring & Co. partner, Herndon Means. Affectionately known as “ Homestead”, “Herman”,“Hendon”, or “Herschel” he answers to anything! Because he is “so strong” and fast, and we love him, he received a pair of Cobbler Union shoes.

If you haven’t heard of Cobbler Union, please to check them out! They are our new best friends. cobbler-union.com.   

Cobbler Union is part of a small group of independent European shoemakers who share a passion for true craftsmanship and work to preserve the skills of the handmade shoemaking craft. 

Their product is impeccable and I can tell you from personal experience their customer service is unequalled.