The Work Horse

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“The Work Horse”

This solid navy suit belongs in every mans wardrobe. We are presenting you with- “The Work Horse”. Its a year round, super 130’s, worsted wool and gaberdine that fits any need from special occasion to board room. A suit in this fabric would normally cost $1,450 but we are offering it for $750 till the end of February. As you know, fit is important to us, so any alteration you may need is complimentary. We are running of stock quickly, come have a look!



Romance is defined as “A mysterious or fascinating quality or appeal, as of something adventurous, heroic, or strangely beautiful.”

Our greatest desire at Loring & Co. bespoke is to bring back the qualities of romance that
somehow gets lost in our day to day routines. So, we encourage you this season to recapture that “strangely beautiful adventure” with a romantic dinner, a walk in the moonlight, or a special date with someone you love.

We’ll do our part by offering you a custom designed hand delivered Gift certificate to someone special. We also have beautiful gifts in stock that we wrap and deliver. One more thing, if you place your order by February 12, we’ll give you our gift of 20% off.

Gift certificates are only redeemable for merchandise or custom orders fro Loring & Co. bespoke.

Pictured above (clockwise from left):
Railcar jean made with 14.75oz cone denim, handmade in USA (with free alterations)
Railcar Fine Goods pomade
Trafalgar fine leather belt with engraved buckle
Loring & Co. novelty bicycle, ready-to-wear dress shirt (with free alterations)
Concord rabbit head umbrella
Loring & Co. lambskin gloves
Otis James bowtie, handmade in Nashville
Molecule Fragrance number 1 & 2

Vintage inspired virgin wool three piece

vintage virgin wool three piece custom suit bespoke suit
loring and co tag on virgin wool jacket

The Felix, our vintage inspired virgin wool three piece. Slate blue rail track with hickory buttons. In stock now ready to wear. As always, complimentary alterations for a custom fit.

Scottland Fall Fabrics

Scottland Fall Fabrics
Scottland Fall Fabric swatches

This just in from Scotland: incredible new fabrics for fall! We have the most beautiful whipcords, calvary twills, bedford cords, and flannels you will ever see! All from the oldest and most prestigious Scottish mill. Stop by and start dreaming up your autumn wardrobe.  

Midnight navy tuxedo


One of our favorite experiences is to have the great privilege of helping design and coordinate wedding ensembles. This past January, we had such a privilege with our friend, Drew Hill. He chose a midnight navy tuxedo with grosgrain shawl collar. He looked elegant and sophisticated, just the way a groom should on his wedding day.

Best wishes to Drew and his wife Jessica, may your lives be blessed beyond measure! 

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Photos by Kristyn Hogan 

Women's Custom Shirting

As we continue to evolve the  Loring & Co.  bespoke line, we are excited to announce our first venture into ladies custom shirting. We have had so many requests, we’ve decided to go for it. So, here’s the deal! We are offering 40% off our regular $295 custom pricing for anyone willing to be our test models. 
 This offer ends  June 30th  so make an appointment today via our website  or give us a call at the shop (615)292-3008.

As we continue to evolve the Loring & Co. bespoke line, we are excited to announce our first venture into ladies custom shirting. We have had so many requests, we’ve decided to go for it. So, here’s the deal! We are offering 40% off our regular $295 custom pricing for anyone willing to be our test models.

This offer ends June 30th so make an appointment today via our website or give us a call at the shop (615)292-3008.

Cobbler Union Birthday

happy birthday boy
happy birthday cake
blow out candles
custom brown brogue shoes
cobbler union box

Last week was our celebration week for our friend and Loring & Co. partner, Herndon Means. Affectionately known as “ Homestead”, “Herman”,“Hendon”, or “Herschel” he answers to anything! Because he is “so strong” and fast, and we love him, he received a pair of Cobbler Union shoes.

If you haven’t heard of Cobbler Union, please to check them out! They are our new best friends.   

Cobbler Union is part of a small group of independent European shoemakers who share a passion for true craftsmanship and work to preserve the skills of the handmade shoemaking craft. 

Their product is impeccable and I can tell you from personal experience their customer service is unequalled.

Loring & Co. Collaborates with Otis James

We are so excited to present our newest Curated Collection of handmade ties. Loring & Co. Bespoke in collaboration with Otis James (tie maker extraordinaire) has selected from the finest wool and silk fabrics to create a collection of limited edition heirloom neckties and bow ties. All handmade, hand stamped, hand signed by artist and craftsman Otis James, these ties are created from limited fabrics and are only offered in this collection. Please drop by and choose one of these extraordinary ties!

So Many Choices....

Let’s face it, when you shop for a suit off the rack, the fit isn’t the only challenge. Your choices of fabric are very limited- even in a larger store. One of the best attributes of creating a bespoke clothing is the myriad of fabrics from which to choose.

When you come to Stitch-It & Co., you get to select from over 3,500 suiting fabrics and over 1,900 shirt fabrics. You will truly have a one-of-a-kind look with your Loring & Co. Bespoke suits and shirts.

The current warm-weather tease we have been having in Nashville is a reminder to consider the weight of your suit fabric when shopping. There are two general categories: seasonal, and year-round. As the names imply, year-round fabrics are light or medium weight, which can be comfortable for all or most of the year. The seasonal fabrics are generally for extreme cold, like cashmere and heavy wool, or for extreme heat, like linen and seersucker.

Think of when and how you want to wear your suit. Will you be inside or outside? Are you warm or cold-natured? Perhaps our best service (besides the perfect fit, of course), is the plethora of knowledge of fabrics that our suiting specialists have acquired. Make sure to ask lots of questions when you come by the shop. We want the most comfortable and best looking suit for you!

Loring & Co. Spring 2014 Curated Collection

We are proud to introduce our first installment of the Loring & Co. Curated Collection.  While we always offer bespoke menswear, we wanted to try something a little different this year.  We began by designing a limited run sport coat and two custom shirts.

The coat is a staple of every man’s wardrobe- the masculine version of the “little black dress,” if you will.  For our first Curated sport coat, we designed a basic Navy Micro-Textured Travel Blazer.   We created this Loring & Co. coat to be durable for the man who expects his clothes to work as hard as he does.  It will compliment your style at the office, on business travel, or at happy hour with friends.

Navy Micro-Textured Travel Blazer

The style, fit, and durability make this a great graduation gift for the young man on his way to college.  We will customize your student’s college blazer with their school colored lining and monogram.

Order your coat by Friday, February 28 for only $795, and as an added bonus, we will include your choice of one of these two limited run Loring & Co. Bespoke custom shirts ($225.00 value).  Shirts are also available for purchase individually.

bespoke shirt in blue stripes
custom shirt blue stripes

Here’s how it works:

  1. Schedule an in-store fitting online or by phone at 615-292-3008.
  2. Come in our studio for your custom fitting.
  3. In 5 weeks you will be wearing you custom travel blazer.