custom suits

Technology Meets Tradition

Countless articles in men’s magazines and blogs talk about the relationship a man (or woman) has with their tailor.  It is something unique, especially in the fast-paced modern era.  Just the way one may find that they can share openly their most personal thoughts with their barber, the trust that exists behind that confidence is even stronger with the one who make sure you are dressed well.

An experienced tailor understands the inner workings of a garments, and the inner workings of you.  Rather than merely pin, deconstruct, and sew, they are able to understand you and make you feel understood.  Thus your trust when they help you select a piece of clothing or determine how it should best fit.

Step in to our shop at Stitch-It, and we hope you instantly feel that link to a time when it was commonplace to come see your tailor to share your life events and create a new suit.  In fact, that still goes on here every day. The good news?  We are not so set in our ways that we don’t like technology.  While some are attempting to replace the tailor with technology that can scan and inventory your every body part, we believe in utilizing technology to enhance the traditional experience.  After all, I still don’t know a computer that will share a drink with you after your appointment!

When you order a Loring & Co. Bespoke suit, we keep a digital record of you and your suit.  We keep your measurements, but also a visual record of the clothing we have made for you.  In short, we can show (or even email) you a visual of your wardrobe.  We can also propose new outfits to compliment your existing collection.

All of this is to alleviate the nervousness of wondering if you selected the right fabric or if it will go with that shirt you already own.  Now, you can see it before we make it.  It’s simple yet impressive.  

What Makes Custom...Well, Custom Part 3

Previously, we shined some light on the fit that custom clothing provides as well as the options offered with custom shirting specifically. Now we shift to suiting.

Our clients get excited when they get to start truly customizing their suits. It is, afterall, the most fun part of the process. So what makes a Loring & Co. Bespoke suit so different? We always begin with the perfect fit, and then customize the suit to your taste and style.

A Loring & Co. coat begins with choosing from over 400 fabric patterns. They range from fall and winter wools to all-season lightweight fabrics. They can be traditional British country style, or made to impress even the biggest Wall Street bigwig.

Beginning with a notch or peak lapel, we then select the proper width-whether you want a skinny or wide silhouette. We can even select a custom thread color for the lapel button hole! One of the best lapel options to select a fun color for the felt underneath the collar. With about 20 colors to choose from, this is a fun detail that can be seen upon close examination.

One simple option that sets any coat apart is a surgeon’s cuff, otherwise known as functional buttonholes. No more dangling cheap buttons on your coat cuff. For extra style, leave the last button open to show off the details of your coat.

Pockets allow more customization from the number of pockets to the style and even their angle. An angled ticket pocket creates a slenderizing effect.

A coat can have a single vent, or the British-style double vent. Shoulder pleats can add distinction to the coat as well. The last details come down to button color, and the pattern for a coats lining. The lining is a place to add your own flare and really have fun. It won’t be seen when you are wearing the coat, but noticeable hanging on the back of your chair at dinner.

It seems like a lot, and we have suiting specialists ready to walk you through each step of the custom process. Fair warning though, custom clothes can be known to be addictive!