Gift Guide: Nashville

Sometimes a typical gift just won’t do at the holidays.  You have someone unique on your list that deserves a gift equally unique.  That’s why we have put together a “best gift guide” for you this season.  All of these are currently available at Stitch-It & Co.

vintage handkerchiefs

Yesterday we highlighted our Escentric Molecule 01 and Molecule 02 fragrances.  I recommend stopping in and spraying some on your wrist to try it out!

Today, we are spotlighting our collection of vintage handkerchiefs.  There are relatively inexpensive at $15 each.  We have had people give them as personal gifts, employee thank-you’s, and even as party favors!Our favorite use of these is as a pocket square.  With a variety of colors and patterns, you can accent your suit in a classic way that stands out.  Ladies also may tie these on to a handbag for a simple and elegant boost of color.

Check back for more gifts to come!