"That's Interesting..."

To get an earlier appointment, I recently elected to see the nurse practitioner rather than my primary care doctor.  After the ceremonial solitary wait in the sterile white room complete with a two year old issue of People Magazine, in walked the nurse.

She greeted me and then sat at her computer to ask me questions.  She paused, then turned to look at me again and said, “Do you dress that way for work?”

“Yes, I do.”

“That’s interesting.  What is it you do, exactly?” she inquired.

I thought to myself, “THAT’S INTERESTING?!?”  Insecurity set in quickly. What did she know?  She was wearing a well-used white lab coat- quite the trendsetter.

I explained to her what Stitch-It is, and the incredible Loring & Co. line of custom menswear, and my role in helping with the business.

After I left the doctor’s office, I had my drive to the shop to ponder her comment.  I looked myself up and down.  Dark denim and boos, check.  I typically wear denim on Fridays.  Light blue collared shirt, brown blazer, check.  Navy tie, and a plaid vest with grey, brown and a hint of blue to tie it all together, check.  I felt better.

Then it hit me.  The nurse hadn’t meant “That’s interesting” in the way your spouse means it when they say “Is THAT what you’re wearing out tonight?”  Rather, she meant, “That’s interesting” because she noticed an array of color and patterns that somehow worked together.

Dapper is what we do every day.  The vast majority of men, however, do not dress the way we do at Stitch-It.  In fact, I imagine my nurse was fascinated by my outfit because most of the gentlemen she sees in her suburban doctor’s office dress casually. If they do wear a coat and tie, it’s modern and edgy clothing rather than traditional timeless looks.

Take my advice, and don’t let one misinterpreted comment make you second guess your style.  If you look good and feel good, go for it.  If you mess it up- we’ll let you know!