Wesley Knight Bespoke

We are blessed in Nashville to be surrounded by incredible talented artisans.  Wesley Knight is no exception, having mastered the art of handcrafting bespoke eyewear from the horn of water buffalo.

Several weeks ago we measured Wesley for a Loring & Co. custom tuxedo. We were all excited (especially Wesley) when we got to reveal the finished product.  His artful taste created a classic tux with simple, lines. Complete with a stunning red lining, the tux looked incredible on him!

Wesley knight custom fitting

As tailoring and bespoke suiting is an art form all on its own, we have a great respect for Wesley’s work.  In fact, Jeff wears a pair of Wesley’s bespoke glasses nearly everyday while fitting and measuring clients at Stitch-It & Co.  We hope it was rewarding for Wesley to see his creation at work as Jeff worked through the final fitting.

Wesley knight bespoke suiting

If you have not had the opportunity to see Wesley’s hand-made eyewear, we encourage you to visit his website at wesley-knight.com and view his work.  It is also worth taking a few minutes to read from his journal.  Having been featured in the last issue of Garden & Gun Magazine, we are confident that Wesley will enjoy a fruitful and successful career!  Thanks, Wesley!