What Makes Custom...Well, Custom Part 2

Yesterday, we focused on the perfect fit and what it can accomplish for your look. Beyond the perfect fit however, are a myriad of options we can apply to your custom shirt, coat, suit, or tuxedo.

This is really what makes custom fun. Let's start with shirts. Custom shirts from Loring & Co. are all the same price. It is up to you just how much you want to embellish and customize the shirt. There is no additional charge for doing so. There are literally 30 options just for the collar on one of our custom shirts. There are spread collars (also including the British and even Italian styles, which are very wide), and traditional. You can chose the length of the collar, and whether or not it has buttons. Like to show some cuff? Maybe you want a french cuff so you can wear distinct cufflinks? You can add to that a mitre cuff, multiple button holes, or change the angle of the button hole stitching to accent the cuff.

One of our favorite shirt options is the pic stitch by hand. You can select a custom thread color whether it matches or contrasts the shirt fabric. This can enhance other options such as collar, placket, and cuff. We can even choose a custom button color to coordinate with or contrast with the shirt and stitching.

These details are what make a shirt uniquely yours. Often people will compliment your clothing-whether they can put their finger on what details set it apart, or not. Either way, they recognize you are dressed above and beyond.