Loring & Co. Custom Suiting

With thirty-three years of experience serving Nashville, Stitch-It & Co. is bringing a new dimension of clothing to the menswear market.

Our philosophy is simple: one tailor from design to finish. No salesman, no cold calls, no off-site fittings, gimmicks, packages, or marketing strategies.


To get started, stop by the shop Monday through Friday, or click below to book an appointment.

dealing in or producing custom made articles;
to order or arrange in made to fit a particular person.



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Custom Sport Coats

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Custom Suits

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Create your custom suit in three steps


1. Come by the Nashville shop.

You'll meet face-to-face with an experienced tailor in our shop. You can get started by booking an appointment online, or walking in Monday through Friday.


2. Design a suit just for you.

You'll get to relax and talk about the suit of your dreams over a cup of coffee or pour of bourbon. We'll iron out details like lapels and buttons, and help narrow down the perfect fabric from our collection of over 4,000 swatches.


3. Walk out with distinction.

After 5 weeks of creating the suit, we'll call you in for a final fitting. The final fitting will ensure we have the perfect fit, ensuring you feel unique and distinguished in your custom piece.


Create a completed wardrobe, completely your own.

The following packages are designed to give you a polished look. Save by purchasing your custom suit in one of these packages.






1 custom suit
1 custom shirt
1 tie
1 pocket square
1 pair of A&E socks




1 custom suit
1 custom sportscoat
1 custom trouser
3 custom shirts
3 ties
3 pocket squares





2 custom suits
1 custom sportscoat
4 custom shirts
4 ties
4 pocket squares
4 pairs of A&E socks




1 custom tuxedo or custom suit
1 custom (tuxedo) shirt
1 bow tie
1 pocket square


See more photos in our Suit Gallery.