Stitch-It is honored to serve the best clientele in Nashville. Below are some of our favorite reviews from artists, musicians, designers, and friends.

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Amy Grant.  Musician .

My top 10 reason to go to Stitch-It:

  1. Always a warm and welcoming gathering spot.

  2. Flawless alterations!

  3. Creative wardrobe updating experts!!

  4. The best travel steamer in the world available there.

  5. Great baby gifts!

  6. Jeff's amazing hand tailoring shirts and suits.

  7. Stitch-It doubles as an art gallery.

  8. Great creative ideas for updating something my grandmother's 50 year old fur-cuffedpink dress suit.

  9. An engaging friendly staff.

  10. Best news source in town.

Amy Grant


The quality of work you experience at Stitch It is some of the finest and most professional we come across in the business.

Billy Reid
Designer / Fashion Mogul

Alan & Denise Jackson   Musicians

Our family has relied on Jeff and his team at Stitch It since early in Alan's career for both our professional and personal alteration needs. His team is professional, courteous, and their attention to detail is exceptional. We have never been disappointed!

Alan & Denise Jackson


A labor of love is the best way to describe the work being done at Stitch-It. There is an art to tailoring and a place where it becomes design itself. Jeff and his staff not only understand this, but make it their passion.


Wesley Knight.  Bespoke Artisan.

I received nothing short of extraordinary when I tried on my custom shawl collar tuxedo for the first time.The fit, the fabric, and the attention to detail were all impeccable. Loring & Co sets the standard for the complete experience in proper suiting and hospitality.

Wesley Knight
Bespoke Eyewear Craftsman

Dean Masullo.  University School of Nashville

In a world where terms like “artisan” and “bespoke” get thrown around with impunity, Jeff Loring and his team are the real deal. Jeff has the sure hand of a craftsman and the keen eye of an artist—his work is precise, detailed, and ever alert to the ways in which fine clothing, expertly tailored, can enrich our lives. Fueled by a profound knowledge of texture, color, style, and fit, his sartorial imagination is both sweeping and agile, moving from subtly harmonious combinations to vibrantly striking juxtapositions with facility and ease. Jeff’s greatest gift rests in his ability to transform this robust sensibility into beautiful garments that express something essential about the person for whom they are made.

Whether you are looking for a simple alteration, a custom suit, or anything in between, Jeff and his staff are the consummate professionals: friendly, attentive, informed, and utterly dedicated to excellence in every aspect of their trade. From the tailors in the back of the shop to the consultants in the front, they are a genuine Nashville treasure, and I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Dean Masullo
University School of Nashville

David Arms.  Artist.

The suit I just had made at Loring & Co. is by far my favorite suit I've ever owned. Timeless. Classic. An instant heirloom. I hope one of my sons-in-law or grandchildren will wear it one day. What a great experience it was choosing every detail, knowing it was made to fit my body. Such a welcoming, comfortable atmosphere. Jeff and his staff were so great to work with. There is one downside though... it's addictive.

David Arms


There is no finer feeling that putting on a garment made specifically for you. That alone should be reason enough to visit Jeff Loring and Co. and commission a custom suit or shirt, but if you're looking for even more incentive, I'm prepared to offer it.

First of all, there is the fabric selection. Working with textiles on a daily basis, you might call me a bit of a fabric snob. I only want the best, and Jeff has it. The colors, textures, and patterns are phenomenal. I went fairly conservative with my first suit, choosing a dark, rich navy, but I know my next selection will take advantage of the gorgeous, bolder offerings.

Second reason to visit Loring and Co. is the people. Jeff is one of the nicest guys in town, and his team follows suit. You'll feel valued and attended to throughout the process, whether you know the routine or this is your first foray into custom suiting.

Then there are the details. The suits are fully customizable, from the width of the lapels to the number and style of the pockets to even the lining material and buttons. I recommend considering the besom front pockets on the trousers. You'll never go back to on-the-seam pockets again! The besom pockets are far more flattering and comfortable.

Finally, there is the bourbon. As if all of these previous reasons were not enough, one must expect that a man with exquisite taste in suiting will also have exquisite taste in liquors. Jeff certainly does not disappoint here. You can trust that he and his team will have you feeling taken care of. It's an experience every man should have.

Otis James

Benjamin Sohr  Creative Development

Having been a customer for 20+ years, I can say with confidence that if I want alterations and tailoring done well, Stitch It is the place in town. Not only are the alterations beautifully executed but Jeff has an eye for fit and styling that adds an additional layer of value to the process. The services is speedy and the folks are always a pleasure to deal with. Stitch It is, without a doubt, the best place to go for tailoring, alterations and excellent customer service in Nashville.

Benjamin Sohr
Creative Development


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