It Takes a Special Man

Rarely do I get the opportunity to do the Costco grocery run with my wife, but Sunday the stars lined up just right. Had I known the amount of free samples they are handing out to the after-church crowd, I would have been a lot sooner!

As we made our way to the register, a well-dressed gentleman approached us and said, “It takes a special kind of man to dress like that!”

I paused, not knowing exactly how to take the comment. Did he mean “special” as in above-the-rest, confident, out-of-the-park outfit? Or, did he mean “special” the way one might describe a co-worker who’s attention is less than desirable?

He then made note of the red wool lapel flower I was wearing. I was then sure he meant well. I politely said “Thank you,” and we completed our shopping trip.

As I reflected on the interaction, I realized he was right. It does take a special man to dress well. It requires someone who wants to look their best, who wants to represent the best version of himself. In retrospect, I am humbled by the compliment!