So Many Choices....

Let’s face it, when you shop for a suit off the rack, the fit isn’t the only challenge. Your choices of fabric are very limited- even in a larger store. One of the best attributes of creating a bespoke clothing is the myriad of fabrics from which to choose.

When you come to Stitch-It & Co., you get to select from over 3,500 suiting fabrics and over 1,900 shirt fabrics. You will truly have a one-of-a-kind look with your Loring & Co. Bespoke suits and shirts.

The current warm-weather tease we have been having in Nashville is a reminder to consider the weight of your suit fabric when shopping. There are two general categories: seasonal, and year-round. As the names imply, year-round fabrics are light or medium weight, which can be comfortable for all or most of the year. The seasonal fabrics are generally for extreme cold, like cashmere and heavy wool, or for extreme heat, like linen and seersucker.

Think of when and how you want to wear your suit. Will you be inside or outside? Are you warm or cold-natured? Perhaps our best service (besides the perfect fit, of course), is the plethora of knowledge of fabrics that our suiting specialists have acquired. Make sure to ask lots of questions when you come by the shop. We want the most comfortable and best looking suit for you!