Otis James

Must-See Ties!

We generally try to steer clear of just plain peddling merchandise on our blog.  That’s why we have our shop in Nashville and online store at loringandco.com. Shameless plugs aside, we do want to mention an incredible value going on right now.

loring and co ties

If you follow our blog or have ventured in to Stitch It & Co. lately, you have surely seen the Otis James ties we have on display.  We are proud to support another Nashvillian and local business in general.  Because we have somewhat limited room, we are looking to move some of our other (also excellent) ties on out.

So this is the deal.  Our silk and wool ties retail for $75/each.  Currently, we are doing a “grab bag” of one wool and one silk tie for only $59.95 at LoringandCo.com.  Check them out- yes it’s a little bit of a random pick, and we know you’ll love all of them!

Go ahead and get that extra tie you’ve needed (or wanted to give as a gift).  Happy shopping!


Loring & Co. Collaborates with Otis James

We are so excited to present our newest Curated Collection of handmade ties. Loring & Co. Bespoke in collaboration with Otis James (tie maker extraordinaire) has selected from the finest wool and silk fabrics to create a collection of limited edition heirloom neckties and bow ties. All handmade, hand stamped, hand signed by artist and craftsman Otis James, these ties are created from limited fabrics and are only offered in this collection. Please drop by and choose one of these extraordinary ties!