Did Someone Say Steeplechase?

May 10, 2014.  Just 60 days from now, Nashville will don its best spring apparel and head to Percy Warner Park for the 73rd running of the Iroquois Steeplechase.  Each year, we spend hours carefully calculating logistics of prime tailgating spots, over-the-top food, and of course, adult beverages.

Steeplechase is what you make of it.  Frankly, many people never even see a horse. If you are the rowdy type you may find yourself in Centerfield every year.  If you prefer a calmer experience; check out Topside or the Stirrup Club. Of course, you could always go with the box seats and avoid the crowds altogether!

Just as you can choose your best view (or non-view) of the races, you can choose just how bold you want to be with your Steeplechase fashion. Ladies range from the classic Lilly Pulitzer to neon pink feather boas. Gentlemen come in everything from pastel shorts to full seersucker suits and bow ties.

Our advice?  Glad you asked.  Keep it classic.  There are lots of options when it comes to second-weekend-in-May wardrobe, but there IS a wrong answer. You will know every wrong answer the moment you see it stumbling to the port-a-potties.  Or worse, when it shows up on YouTube (see Steeplechase 2013. - Or don’t).

seersucker fabric suit choices

We encourage you to visit us at Stitch It & Co. for the assist on your Steeplechase attire. We will happily alter your new purchases or existing clothes.  For the gentlemen looking to look their very best, we encourage you to look at our Loring & Co. Bespoke suits.  With our new Spring fabric collection, we will make a suit from scratch to fit your every measurement.  Check out these seersuckers!

We also have a wide variety of linen fabrics to choose from.  Things to know:

1) We take your measurement in-store before we begin construction of your Loring & Co. Bespoke suit.  Come in, choose a perfect fabric and one of our bourbons from which to have a drink.

2) It will take 5-6 weeks to complete your suit, so the earlier you come in, the better.  (Pro Tip:  Call us and set an appointment so that we may dedicate time to you uninterrupted 615-292-3008)

3) As soon as your suit is finished, we will invite you back in for a final fitting (rarely do we need to make any adjustments at this point), and you get to take it home.

This year, you will truly stand out.  Make the right decision.