How to Choose a Fabric for Your Custom Suit

Looking for the perfect suit to leave a strong impression? When you’re starting the process of designing or commissioning a custom suit – whether it’s for a special occasion, a work event, business presentation, or a casual party – you need to start with the right kind of fabric and color.

Whether you’re choosing an elegant look for a formal event or need to wear something contemporary on a warm day, it’s wise to investigate the various types of materials that are popularly used in custom suits. The most widely used suit fabrics include cotton, linen, wool, polyester and cashmere. Each of these fabrics has its own pros and cons.

Fabric plays a crucial role in the way you wear your suit. Choose your fabric wisely, as it can make or break the look of your suit. Keep in mind the occasion you’re buying the suit for, and the local weather, as those will add in their own factors to your choice.

Of the most common, let’s take a look at some of the best fabrics for you to consider using in your next custom suit.

Popular fabric styles for custom suits

Linen suit – lightweight, casual

If you want a lightweight and dependable suit, linen goes a long way to make sure you enjoy a suit for a long time. Linen is mostly worn during hot climates since it has plenty of air movement that allows for breathing room.

Carrying their weight in style, linen suits are best for a casual look. If you want to go for something informal, particularly during the day, consider linen for your custom suit. Apart from informal wear, linen is also a popular choice of fabric for today’s most aspiring entrepreneurs. But remember, linen has a tendency to wrinkle easier than other types of fabrics.

Cotton suit – comfortable, timeless

Cotton suits can be worn on almost any occasion. Cotton is not only comfortable, but it also provides a sense of confidence. Moreover, this fabric has unique qualities. Not only is cotton light-weight, it also keeps you cool during warmer weather.

Like linen, cotton also comes from a plant. Both linen and cotton are affordable fabric choices because they’re less expensive than cashmere and wool. If you want to look like a confident, modern man, opt for a cotton custom suit for both formal and informal events.

A cotton suit stays pocket-friendly without compromising on quality.

Wool suit – formal, warm

Without a doubt, wool is the most popular suiting material. Wool creates a formal or traditional look, perfect for an important or official event.

Another reason why this material is popular is for its warmth. This is why well-dressed men living in colder climates prefer to wear a woolen suit. The fibers of a wool suit keep your body heat contained, making it a great custom suit option in winter.

One of the best things about a woolen suit is that the fabric doesn’t wrinkle easily which makes it a great choice for providing all-day comfort. That’s why they say, you can never go wrong with a wool suit.

Cashmere suit – luxurious, soft

For a more luxurious and classy suit experience, use cashmere in your custom suit. There is nothing like cashmere in terms of softness and elegance. As a type of wool, Cashmere shares many of its characteristics with the heavy fabric.

However similar, cashmere is still finer and softer than regular wool. See for yourself: Just walk into a room full of people wearing a premium quality cashmere suit. You’ll be amazed to see the impression it makes on everyone. The material also provides incredible comfort so you can wear it on nearly any occasion.

Polyester suit – affordable, wrinkle-resistant

Polyester comprises synthetic materials that usually belong to fabrics of lower quality. However, most polyester suits are available in blended varieties, which means they come intermixed with another fiber – like wool, for example.

Polyester suits are less expensive in comparison to other fabrics, but they also don’t offer the durability you can expect from other types of materials. Although polyester doesn’t wrinkle, the fabric doesn’t breathe well, which means you should avoid wearing these suits on warm days.

Silk suit – luxurious, comfortable

Silk is very distinctive and fine fabric, guaranteeing luxury and comfort. It’s a good choice to wear in any kind of material – especially a custom suit. Silk offers good breathability, keeping you nice and cool in warmer weather.

Velvet suit – special occasion

Velvet is a popular choice for a dinner jacket. And while it shines on this particular occasion, avoid wearing a velvet suit or jacket to work or at a casual party.

Final thoughts

Now that you know the various types of fabrics from which you can create your custom suit, choose a fabric that goes well with your personality and fits your event. If you wear suits often, it’s a good practice to buy custom suits in a variety of fabrics and styles, so you can always dress appropriately and impressively.