How to Choose the Right Shoes for Your Suit

While it doesn’t take rocket science to choose the best shoes for your suit, it can also be an intimidating decision. Whether you’re going to a formal event or need to dress casually, choosing an appropriate shoe color completes your overall look.

Some men find it tricky to decide the best shoes for a casual or formal suit (for proof, see this wikihow article with intense shoe-informing detail). Not every man knows what shoes will go well with a charcoal or navy suit, much less when you get into less traditional fabrics and colors.

If mixing and matching colors isn’t your forte, no worries. Not only will this blog guide you, but you’ll also benefit from scrolling through Instagram and Facebook. Find the profile, celebrity, or fashionista that showcases a strong style you agree with, and you’re bound to find examples of shoe combinations.

Here’s what you need to know about choosing the right shoes for your favorite suit.

Black shoes for a black suit

Every man owns – or should own – a killer black suit. So it makes sense to invest in great looking shoes to complement your quality suit. Although most men like to experiment and go creative with different combinations, there’s one set rule for black suits:

Nothing looks better with black than black.

Believe it. Make sure you own a go-to pair of black shoes that complete the look your black suit demands. Even men who consider black shoes too conventional trust in this color when pairing them with a black suit.

Black shoes flawlessly pair with your black suit, leaving no room for error. Any other color can give a casual look to you attire.

Blue suits call for brown colors

Blue is the color of wisdom, trust, and responsibility. Men who like to wear a tranquil and calm color usually opt for a blue suit – not to mention the fact that they toe the line of both classic and modern style. Because of its transcendence of chic, blue is a popular color of choice for an everyday suit.

All shoes that have a touch of brown, black and burgundy blend in well with a blue suit. Brown shoes can fall on either side of the line between casual and formal, while black shoes tend to present more formally with a blue suit.


A navy suit is a standard for any man’s wardrobe. Navy suits are chosen so frequently because they provide a look and feel of importance. A navy suit is great for a typical business event, and works well for a semi-formal dinner.

The best shoes to wear with your navy suit are brown, black, or burgundy. However, the nature of your event helps you decide on the best color. If you’re dressing for a business event, black shoes may be best. Go for a burgundy or oxblood shade to create a more interesting look.

Gray suits go best with brown and black

When wearing gray, stick with browns and blacks. That’s because no other color looks better with a gray suit. Men who like to wear a gray suit with a white shirt can go for a classic black pair of shoes for a stunning look.

The best part about gray suits is that you can also experiment with a few tones of brown to see which shade looks best.

Since gray covers a variety of shades, it’s not necessarily a one-size-fits-all scenario. Take a look at these specific shades of gray.

Charcoal gray

Charcoal gray is a very versatile color, and gives a distinguished look to the wearer. You might be tempted to wear brown leather shoes with your suit, but that’s a big faux pax.

While light browns are too informal, dark browns can sometimes give off a gaudy impression. Either go for plain black shoes, or choose a pair with a slight touch of burgundy to add a sophisticated touch to your attire.

Light gray

Nothing looks better with your light gray suit than a pair of tan shoes. Even though you can choose both a standard black pair and a pair of brown shoes, the opportunity is yours to show off your fashion prowess with a tan leather pair. For both informal and formal light gray suits, tan leather will provide the perfect accent.

Champagne suits work well with light colors

If you’re heading to a summer wedding or an event on the beach or sunny destination, a champagne colored suit fits the occasion perfectly. And as far as shoes go, all light-colored shoes look great with a champagne suit. More specifically, light browns, tans, and even whites look phenomenal with this lighter suit choice.

Tan suits are versatile

Similar to champagne colored suits, warmer weather also calls for a tan suit. Not only will it make you cool down in the heat, it also looks great on every occasion.

There’s plenty of room to experiment with your tan suit. You can choose from a variety of shades: from lighter browns and tans to burgundy, to navy and, of course, black shoes. Tan suits are extremely versatile when it comes to shoe choice.

Final thoughts

You don’t have to hire a stylist to help you choose the best shoes to go along with your suit. In addition to this post, there are many more articles out there to help you out. Just think through this process when you approach you decision making: think about the occasion, determine the color of your suit, and consider your signature style to help you pick the right shoes for your suit.