What Makes Custom..Well, Custom?

Yesterday we featured a glimpse of bespoke clothing and what kind of look it can create. Besides looking your best, why would you want to create custom clothing?

The number one reason is fit. Today’s clothing manufacturers use a fit model to create sizing, and then generate thousands of copies of sizing to that model. Ironically, they are selling to humans of which no two are the same size. Just because two people have a size 38 chest doesn’t mean their waist or shoulders are the same. With our Loring & Co. label, we have successfully fit gentlemen of all sizes because we measure every inch. Biceps, inseams, outseams, hips, waist (even for a coat). The point is, when you try on your custom garment, it fits as it should.

It is not uncommon for one of our clients to try on their first custom shirt and say, “I look really in shape in this.” A common misperception is that “custom” or “fitted” are synonymous with “too small” and “too tight.” The fact is that proper fit accentuates your body. Even guys that aren’t in their, shall we say “high school shape,” find that custom clothing has a slimming effect.

Beyond fit, are the options custom offers for your clothing….More on that tomorrow!